Abaya and hijab New Design Collections

Top Abaya Trends 2016-17

stylish abaya design with hijab style 2016

Different style abaya collection 2016-17

Abaya is considered as loose over-garment which is also known as robe-like dress. Abaya is worn out by ladies of Muslim countries all over the world. As name signifies, over garment which means that it is merely worn out on top of the clothing that women wanted to wear. In most of countries like Saudi Arabia, women seems to wear abaya only even when they have to go out of house as well for some purpose. Only abaya wearing trend is not so much popular and personally I don’t admire that trend either. Abaya should be utilized in its own way as a over garment that can make women feel protective as safe from sight of men while leaving home.

Numerous of worldwide designers are also viewing fashion scope in abaya and for such reason; they are so into creating abaya collection to motivate people to wear it. Abaya is mostly carried with hijab and naqab. Hijab and naqab is also two major clothing segment of Islam for ladies that ladies like to wear to cover their head and sometimes faces either.  We have drafted well embellished and modified collection of abaya. Just take a look.

Beautiful abaya design:

Beautiful Abaya Designs

Beautiful black and white stylish abaya:

beautiful Black and White Stylish Abaya

Black net designer abaya for ladies:

black net designer abaya for ladies

Dubai Arabic chiffon abaya dress:

Dubai Arabic Chiffon abaya dress

Full sleeves abaya for girls:

full sleeve abaya for girls

Navy blue abaya dress for women:

navy blue abaya dress for womens

Orange and black abaya design:

Orange and Black Abaya Design

Orange simple abaya dress:

orange simple abaya dress

Silver embroidery abaya collection:

silver embroidery abaya collection

Stylish abaya with hijab:

stylish abaya design with hijab style 2016

Trendy abaya style for feminine:

trndy abaya style for feminine

High rise abaya

V-Neck Embellished abaya style for girls

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