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Trending Black And White Abaya Collection For Girls 2017


Abaya plays vital role in Muslim world. it is considered as modesty of a Muslim woman. There are varied ways to carry abaya. It may be taken with hijab or naqab. Some women even hide their hands while wearing gloves and feet to while wearing socks.

Real fat behind wearing abaya is that women have to protect its modesty and men should lower their eyes when Muslim women are passing by them. Abaya is real life comfortable clothing for ladies to cover their body as a whole.

In current fashion world, designers have come up with embroidered abayas in brighter versions of shades; you can find different styles and colors in darker and lighter tones in abaya as well. Some people may think that it is hard to carry abaya in summer season.

Well currently we are facing high heat effects because summer season is on fire for now. Our first suggestion is regarded with light weight and light material based abaya with nice pastel colors and floral prints. In this case, not only you feel comfortable but also people who are looking at you feel pleasant.

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Our currently mentioned presentation is allied with display of fascinating collaboration of dark and light shade in single abaya. By mean of darker shade, we mean to say black and by mean of lighter shade, we consider it as white. Black and white shading effects is immense favorite of people.

We have talk about this concept for million times that abaya was first designed to be black. And after black shade, white abaya designs are on peak. So why not mixed out these two shades to make complete fashionista package in traditional style.

Just take a look at our drafted ideas and you will get to know about latest concept and designs in abaya perfect for young Muslim girls.

Visual aids:
Black and white block print abaya:


Charcoal black and white abaya for girls:


Black and white striped abaya for girls:


Black and white new abaya style:


Cool printed black and white abaya style for girls:


Cute black and white abaya for girls:


Floral black and white abaya:


Simple floral black and white abaya for girls:


Stylish black and white abaya:


New style black and white abaya modern:

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