Abaya and hijab New Design Collections

Trendy abaya designs for young Muslim Girls


Most of the Muslims girls and women use to wear Abaya because in Islam it is essential for a lady to hide her body. In this way anyone barely can tease them and the woman also feels comfortable and covered. In most of the Arab countries ladies do not go outside without wearing it and it is also including in their dressing so basically demand of abayas has been increasing day by day and also many designers throughout the world are paying their special attention towards designing modern and reasonably ostentatious abayas for ladies.

In the beginning abaya was just designed in black color without any style or modernism just simple black cloack to cover the body. But now the trend is changing very fast and some young girls do not get it for covering their bodies but they get them just for fashion. Latest abayas are available not only in black color but also in other colors and various patterns including embroidery, patches, more than 1 shade of color and printed fabric, cuts, flares etc. have a look at the following latets collection of fabulous abaya designs


In olden days people used to wear simple abayas without making any design, pattern and embroidery but in this modern age everything has changed. Although black is the main traditional shade of these abaya wears yet and many people also prefer to wear abaya in just black color, so we also have many modernistic styles of black abaya for them.



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