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What is Difference Between Abaya and Burqa?

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What are basic concepts of abaya and burqa

Abaya and burqa have same origin as both are concepts of Islam. Abaya and burqa both are worn out by women to cover out themselves. The basic difference between abaya and burqa is that abaya is simply a gown which start from neck region and ends at ankle bone. It can be worn out with hijab or naqab, while abaya is fully fledged wearable clothing which covers wholly body from head to toe.

It include basically two segment one is abaya style gown and other is naqab like hat which covers head and have parda on the front and back section, leaving eye area un covered. Sometimes eye area is also covered and is basically made up of thick chiffon material so that one can see if eye region is covered.
Our currently drafted presentation is about discussion and ideas to acknowledge you about variations in abaya and burqa.

When we talk about latest fashion trends, abaya is more frequently worn out by ladies and even national and international designers are very much focused upon abaya designs. Burqa is literary worn out by women who belongs to little bit fashion misguided females and for those who like to covered as a whole in front of pwoplw as ell to feel them protective as a whole.

Simple black abaya:

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Nice abaya style:

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Traditional burqa for women:

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Abaya for girls:

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Basic burqa style:

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