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Why Abaya is More Likely Black and Become the Focal Point for Ladies



Seeking for abaya importance in today world, we will find it more fashion than any religious clothing. But the fact is that, in many Muslim countries the abaya is religiously worn by ladies. However, every individual raises question that why the Muslim ladies wear black abaya? It’s not as tough to think as people have considered but we must clear its significance from religious point of view. We really don’t have history of black abaya as during the time of Prophet Mohammed (P.B.U.H) there did not any prove that if women wore black abayas or not. We rather say that the cultural significance of wearing black abaya can solve the questions raised in every mind. Mainly the gulf countries, Pakistan, emirates and even the Muslims in western countries wear abayas.

It was trend-set in past to just wear black abaya however the time has changed, especially from the very moments where abaya has been added into fashion. Now girls want abaya more than black and try colorful cloak too. But even then, the importance of black abaya for ladies has not ended.
Talking about my own experience, I started wearing black loose fitted black abaya when in 8th standard. It was not a different thing for me as I was used to see ladies in black, the reason is simple that it has become a cultural color picking of abaya and the minds have set in way any lady feels hesitated wearing another color for her abaya.

The next thing about black abaya of ladies is that, it doesn’t let the figure of a lady to be prominent in the male dominant society. In fact for most of Islamic countries, this is the main reason, even when the color absorbs heat but a research tells that case is not what mostly people consider but it provides a temperature that cools down the body from outer hotness besides this the black is considered an elegant color from fashion point of view and girls these days carry such abaya wearing because it is trendy.
From above talk we can mention central four points regarding black abaya wearing.

1.    Cultural setup of wearing black abaya
2.    An instant savior to not show off the figure of women
3.    It doesn’t absorb that much heat what is commonly thought
4.    Black abaya is in fashion too

It is asked by some ladies that why colorful abaya is not preferred instead of wearing black, from Islamic point of view women are not restricted to just wear black but the main purpose of wearing such clothing is to hide the puberty signs of a girl from people outside in the community. Islam asks to women wear what cannot make your body prominent, it means the loose fitted garment but not the color specification has been done anywhere. Islam just advises to wear those clothes full of modesty, in fact not just for ladies but for men too.

From Islamic thinking, it is clear that these are settled-norms of just having black abaya whether from cultural norms, trends or any thinking restricted from specific societies.

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