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Wonder-struck Collection Of Abaya In Grey Color

long gray shade abaya collection for ladies (12)

Enough with black color, now it is the time to go for some other color in abayas. And if you are woman with decent look an do not desire to wear any bright color that tempt other to look at you again and again then grey is the color to wear on abaya.

Grey color will give you modest and civilized look and wearing this color abaya you will look very respectable and graceful to others. The purpose of abaya is definitely not to attract other men toward you but despite of that id you long for a color that can give complement to your personality and can make you elegant and lady with self-respect and good character then grey color with simple designing of the abaya will work for you.

In grey color you can have the contrasts of white, black, cream or mustard color increase the beautiful look of the abaya. Some grey color abayas with amazing hue contrast and fabulous designing are shown here:

Dark grey and grey color contrasted abaya:

1. long gray shade abaya collection for ladies (1)

This abaya is looking magnificent with its colors and overcoat style of the abaya will give very nice look to its possessor. With long abaya in overcoat style the Hijab is worn that is also in grey color. You will look very sophisticated in this abaya and mothers can don his abaya when it is time to go for meeting in school for children. They will look very elegant and chic in this style and color of the abaya and Hijab.

Grey color abaya in silk chiffon fabric:

2. long gray shade abaya collection for ladies (7)

This abaya is looking very comfy to wear in summer with silk chiffon fabric. This will complete the purpose of abaya of covering the body. Furthermore the contrast of black color is increasing the amazing look of the abaya. Black color Hijab and peep toes shoes are looking complementary with the abaya. Young girls can wear this abaya to have pretty and adorable look.

Open front abaya with grey color:

3. long gray shade abaya collection for ladies (14)

Don this open front abaya to have style-statement look and this will leave you exuding an edgy look. This abaya is embellished with cream color patches detailed on sleeves and on the edges of the neckline thoroughly. Belted abaya with full sleeves and with fitted white pent will make your attire very nice-looking. Skin color metallic pointed pumps are looking perfect to war with this abaya.

Grey abaya with embellishment of silver work:

4. long gray shade abaya collection for ladies (8)

This abaya is excellent for Arabian women o used to wear abaya even on wedding. They can opt for this grey color abaya with the embellishment of grey and silver work. Floor length abaya in maxi style will give you very chic and fashionable look and very light grey color Hijab will make outstanding contrast with the abaya. Hold a silver pouch in hand and you will have fabulous look in wedding function.

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