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Modern Style of Wearing Dubai Blue Abaya Paired with Sneakers

2+ Dubai blue abaya with sneakers

Abaya is must-have for a Muslimah to cover up her body as Muslim countries requires it in the daily wearing of ladies. Especially in Arab countries, there is no concept of women going out without wearing abaya in which Saudi Arabia and Dubai are top of the list. But we have even observed that abayas got the significant focus among fashionistas of every country.

For example the street style Hijabians also pair an abaya accessorizing it modernly so today we have put a collection to here where the all Dubai blue abaya will entertain your style but with a craze of sneakers. Well looking the highly modern street style fashion of celebrities you will find the sneakers trend at its height. Even the celebs are pairing converse shoes with long, short or skirts dresses.

Our collection will surely give you ideas that which design of blue abayas look fit with sneakers. With blue abayas the white sneakers will be a good match to go but it also depends upon your abaya blue shade then black sneakers will also look good.

Now there is no specification of abayas colors but various colors abayas are in trend especially blue is getting popular among Dubai girls because of its ethnicity and elegancy. Blue abayas can be worn for casual or for street style fashion too as this is the formal color shade to rejoice your appearance. Head covers or Hijab also the need to match with abaya so here is the Hijab ideas too, let’s start to have a look on the collection.

Modern blue abayas with sneakers:

1+ Dubai blue abaya with sneakers

Sneakers are cool to try in spring or even during fall days; Dubai abayas are modish in its styling, designing and nature so we have attained the chicest blue abayas. The powder blue button down abaya matched with pastel pink Hijab and grey sneakers is looking just awesome. Jersey deep blue abaya with white sneaker and denim jacket is another styling idea for modern girls. Fold the sleeves of jacket and wear any statement necklace with these both blue abayas.

Blue abayas with silk Hijab and sneakers:

2+ Dubai blue abaya with sneakers

Well these fitted royal blue abayas have been styled with white sneakers that will present the Muslimahs sporty look so beautifully; the street style inspiration of a hijabian is incomplete without sneakers. Silk Hijab styled with blue abayas is the most new signification, you can pick up multicolor, plain and multi patterned silk Hijab to add the highly allure grace.

 Open style abayas for fashion girls:

3+ Dubai blue abaya with sneakers

Open front style dresses is still in the fashion circle so derived the style from dresses designer has put it to abayas too and many girls like to have these abayas to make their style stamen exquisite. Wear open style blue abaya with jeans or pant or even trouser and have sneaker shoes according to your choice. If you want to chill out look in a funky way then yellow, orange, green and the same matched sneakers are also cool.

Blue abayas in different shades:

4+ Dubai blue abaya with sneakers

We have collect the two shades of blue abayas for girls the one is the blue but mixing up the hues with green and the next one is deep or royal blue abaya. these abayas are looking a la mode wearing styled with sneakers and the other way to accessorize these fashion blue abayas is to add the interesting animal printed Hijab like cheetah while you must match the vibrant or sophisticate shades of Hijab.

Zippered and pocket blue abayas:

5+ Dubai blue abaya with sneakers

This style abaya is the most stylish version abaya of this age, zipping or pockets on abaya looks cool and give the girls young universities fashionistas look. The zippered collard abayas are also called coat abayas that are perfect to wear in winter days, we have state here the denim zippered abaya or the sheer fabric royal blue pocket abaya that are cool to try this year fashion but with white or skin sneakers.

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