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2016 Trend of Delicate Chiffon Hijab for Girls

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Types of Chiffon Hijab:

In this modern age, Hijab is not only considered a religious accessory that can only be used for covering head for the purpose of fulfilling religious requirements but it is becoming a style & trend. With the passage of time, this style is making a very strong place into the hearts of fashion loving girls. In the previous years, it was seen that Muslim ladies & girls who choose hijab as their religious accessory usually face trouble to move confidently into the society but now days when hijab is becoming a trendy accessory then it is actually a great advantage for Muslim girls. Now they can wear hijab not only for religiously but also for making a style stamen into a street. Along with eastern girls, the western girls are adopting this hijab trend. So, hijab is not only limited to Muslims but it is becoming popular worldwide by crossing the boundaries of religious.

Hijabs are available in different types. You can divide hijabs into different categories on the base of color, size, stuff, design, brands etc. If we talk about fabrics then you can find silk hijab, cotton hijab, cashmere stuff hijab, linen hijab, chiffon hijab & so on. But today my discussion is only limited to chiffon hijabs. Here I will try to share a wide variety of chiffon hijabs. Furthermore, I would also like to share how you can wear a chiffon hijab in different styles. You may be thinking why I choose only “chiffon hijab”? Well, there are some reasons behind this selection. First one is that chiffon is really very delicateness & I love its fragile feel. Second reason is that chiffon stuff is considered just perfect for spring summer season. Now day’s spring has started so I choose right stuff for the season. Third reason is of course chiffon hijabs are in fashion. Yes, I spotted lots of fashion loving girls’ in chiffon hijabs on parties, in streets as well as in offices. So, why you stay behind, just come ahead, explore the collection & include yourself in the row of fashion followers!

Colorful Plain Chiffon Hijabs for Girls:

First & the simplest hijabs are simple chiffon hijabs. These are just plain. There is no print on such scarves. But you can find these hijabs into different colors such as yellow, black, white, blue, pink, tea pink & so on. You can find neon shades, bright colors & pastel tones. You can easily match a simple chiffon hijab with your attire. You can use these for office wear. These are also perfect for casual use. You can also use these simple chiffon hijab as formal wear for balancing your look when you wear heavily embellished dress or a full printed gown. You can find these plain scarves on suitable price tags.  Some simple colorful chiffon hijabs are shown below.

1 plain simple chiffon hijab style (1)

2 plain simple chiffon hijab style (4)

Dyed Chiffon Hijabs:

Second type is called dyed chiffon hijabs. You can find two tone dyed hijabs, three tones or even a multi tone. I personally love the two tones dyed hijab because it looks very decent & graceful. The dyeing agents usually dye a piece of cloth by following different patterns such as stripped pattern, round patterns, hodgey podgy pattern, swirling pattern & so on. Here into the following pictures you can see some dyed chiffon hijabs. These hijabs are also perfect for casual wear with your simple dresses or even with pant suits. You can pair these hijabs either with a maxi or denim jeans, skirt dress & gown.
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Printed Chiffon Hijab:

Similarly, you can find printed chiffon stuff hijabs. In prints you can get a versatile variety. You can find flower print, large size or small size. You can strip print, horizontal or vertical. You can find paisley print hijabs as well as abstract art inspired print. Polka dots prints & zig zag prints are also very common. Printed hijabs can be easily paired to balance a simple or plain dress. I love to use printed hijabs when I am getting ready for a get to gather with friends into a coffee shop or when I want to make a style statement into a street. Flower print scarves are just perfect for spring summer season. Into the following pictures, you can view some chic & trendy printed scarves.
4 printed beautiful chiffon hijab style (1) 5 printed beautiful chiffon hijab style (4) 6 printed beautiful chiffon hijab style (7)

Embroidered Chiffon Hijabs:

On chiffon stuff the beads, thread, crystals & some other types of embroideries are possible. So, when we need a fancy hijab then we usually prefer embroidered hijabs. In chiffon stuff you can also find embroidered hijabs.  These fancy hijabs are just perfect for party wear, wedding wear, evening wear etc. Now days the Muslim brides also like to use embroidered chiffon hijabs on their wedding day so that they can fulfill their religious obligation even on the big day of their life. You can find less embroidered as well as heavy embroidered hijabs. Mostly the embroidery is done near the forehead part of a hijab or at the corners of a hijab. Some embroidered chiffon hijabs are shown below.
7 embroidered hijab in chiffon stuff (1)

How to Wear Chiffon Hijab in Different Styles:

Just buying a right hijab is not enough but you also need to know “how to wear a hijab?” because when you buy a beautiful hijab & never knows how to wear then of course a wrongly worn hijab can ruin the impact of your personality. Here I also like to share some step by step tutorials on how to wear hijab so that you can do it at home. Just observe each & every step carefully then practice at home. I am sure you can do it. Best of luck!

Tutorial 1:

8  how to,wear chiffon stuff hijab  (2)

Tutorial 2:

9 how to,wear chiffon stuff hijab  (3)


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