Abaya and hijab New Design Collections

Beautiful Tulip Style Tunic Collection With Hijab


Hijab and tulip style tunic collection for girls

What is hijab?

Hijab is basically a Muslim women wearing which differentiate Muslim women from others. It generally conceals or covers neck and hairs. Most of Muslim women wear hijab as their regular clothing. Hijab is just a piece of fabric which is utilized to cover head and neck in different ways. Now there are numerous of styles of hijab and it has been considered as wide fashion concept which is likely to be carried out by ladies. Hijab is mainly worn out with abaya. There are also wide range of dresses along with hijab can be taken. Modern girls also carry hijab with their groovy designer dresses.

Benefits of wearing hijab:

Before showcasing out new styles and designs of hijab which is carried with tulip tunic, let us discuss that why hijab is so much important to carry and why women carry it. If Islam has advised women to take hijab, then probably there are benefits for it. We will discuss about those benefits first and then show out what we have drafted for groovy minded simple hijab girls.

1)    Hijab represents purity. Hijab is basically an indication itself and considered as a sign of dignity and purity. It highlights Muslim women as pure women. it also differentiate Muslim women among number of women.

2)    Basic purpose of hijab is to protect a woman from male harassment. Most of men don’t make out not to good gestures and whistles when women in hijab pass by their sights. They show respect for those women who like to respect themselves.

3)    Hijab places focus on intellects. Many people especially men just want to assess women appearance. When women is wearing hijab, they world probably try to access her inner beauty and her intellects rather than her body shape and physical appearance.

4)    Hijab eliminates competition among women. while wearing hijab, one cannot identify that which women is wealthy and have better life styles and which women is struggling for her daily basis need. It torn down competition of looking good among ladies which we have noticed that most of women do.

5)    Wearing a hijab does not have any demerits. Contrary to demerits, we have seen women more confident and more beautiful in hijab. Women in hijab have much higher confidence level then those who do not carry hijab.

Beautiful hijab style with tulip tunics for young girls:


Modern girl hijab with gracious green tulip tunic style:


Beautiful yellow shaded tulip tunic dress with hijab:


Pink hijab with light color tulip tunic for young girls:


Easy on eye tulip tunic dress with hijab style:


Modern tulip tunic dress with beautiful hijab:


Long navy blue tulip tunic dress with modern hijab:


Orange hijab with black shaded tulip tunic dress for young girls:


Beautiful pink hijab with pink tulip tunic dress for girls:


Beautiful style tunic tulip dress with colorful hijab:


Winter inspired tunic tulip dress with beautiful hijab:


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