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Cute Polka Dot Print Hijab Style Ideas for Stylish Muslim Girls

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Hijab is a symbol of modesty for Muslim women and it is considered the most important piece of cloth for them. Hijab is a veil traditionally worn by Muslim women while going outside of the house whether for shopping, for office and for college/university.

It is symbol of modesty and privacy for Muslim women, most commonly worn to cover the head, face and neck. There are various forms of hijabs that are referred to by different names. Now in this modern age, young girls like to carry a hijab pr scarf in a stylish way to look modern and stylish.

Long ago, hijabs were used just to cover the head in simple styles but now in this modern age every girl want to look stylish even wearing a scarf or hijab too.

So different styles of wearing hijabs are being introduced by the designers and mostly girls wear a scarf with their casual outfit or dress to add grace to their personality and appearance but choosing the appropriate style hijab can be a little bit tricky and it is most important to style a hijab according to your face shape.

Considering a face shape is the most important thing to decode the style of draping the scarf, for example if you have a square face shape then it is better to you that skin the edges of your mouth with cloth to make round look. If you have a long face with wide forehead, use a hijab cap or a scarf with cap to hide more part of the forehead.

Different kinds of accessories as headbands, pins, laces, brooches and clips are used on top of the hijab or head scarf because these accessories can multiply the beauty of the hijab. Different designs and prints of hijabs are easily available in the market.

This post is specifically about the polka dot print hijabs; these are designed in silk, georgette, chiffon, linen, lawn stuff etc. by seeing the pictures below you can get lots of ideas on how to dress up with the polka dot print hijab and you can select appropriate hijab according to the season.

Red color hijab is giving cute appearance with black polka dot print; the girl in the picture wore a black color head cap under her polka dot print reed hijab that fully covered her hair and head.

She paired her red color black polka dot hijab with her plain black abaya, perfect for the young girls. If you are also a college girl then adopt this style to look attractive and stylish.

Black and white base with different sizes black, white and red polka dots silk hijab is paired with a long coat in white color looking nice and perfect for a working lady. It is difficult to manage a silk hijab so you can use different accessories as pin, brooch and clip to hold the scarf in its right place.

polka dot hijab desgine for girls (2) polka dot hijab desgine for girls (9) polka dot hijab desgine for girls (10) polka dot hijab desgine for girls

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