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Different Hijab Style Ideas For Middle Age Women


Hijab was known as veil or piece of garment which was used to cover the face and head. It has now become a fashion trend which not only gives a stylish and classic look but also modest look to the personality. Hijab style must be adopted according to the culture, religion and age group of women. The older and aged women carry hijab or head scarf according to the culture and heritage while young girls use hijabs that are the mixture of western and eastern techniques to look stylish and modern.

Hijab is available in various forms and shapes as strollers, triangular and square so while choosing any hijab style, the structure of women and fashion trends of hijab should be kept in mind. Hijab styles vary from country to country according to the culture and community including Pakistani, Arabic, Egyptian and Turkish style.

The hijab styles can de adorned with headscarves, pins, brooches, clips and hair accessories also. The selection of style and fabric in hijab depends on season and occasion. Decorative fabric and accessories are best for any formal occasion and simple hijabs go best for casual and everyday wear. Women should use bright and colorful hijabs for summer season made in the light stuff and in winters they should prefer dark color hijabs with heavy material.

In this article we are talking about the modern style hijab for older women, an aged woman should adopt the hijab style which makes her look beautiful and modest.
Fat and curvy women also want to carry hijab in modern style for glamorous look. Styling hijab with the outfit that can give them a lean look is the key.

Fat women can style hijab with maxi skirts or gowns as a fat woman you can see in the picture wearing a blue color maxi abaya with her black color woolen hijab.
While wearing a hijab color combination always should keep in mind and this thing is as important for middle age woman as for young girls.

This color combination is ideal for both young and middle aged woman. If you want to look chic and fashionable then you should definitely try this one in which black abaya is decorated with crochet pattern in different colors and the girl carry the hijab with the colors match to the crochet lace or pattern.

This is an example of how you can look modern and stylish on a party or function with your hijab. Blue color saree is designed with banarsi silver border and spray of silver stones is also done on the dress to make it more beautiful and if you want to carry a fancy hijab then you can decorate your matching blue hijab with spray of stones.

If you like wearing prints then this is best for you designed in the silk printed stuff with matching beaded tassels placed on the corners of the scarf. Just wear the statement piece and make sure the rest of your outfit is simple.

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