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Different Style Niqabs That Are Trendy These Days For Modern Girls


In Islam, women are addressed to cover up all her body and face that is why an Islamic lady wears abaya and Hijab. But Niqab is something different, to pull Hijab on face where only eyes looks visible and rest of face is covered. The modern lady prefers fashion to show his inner sense outwardly with true impressions and for Muslim lady it has become tough to maintain her appearance. Looking for the difficulty, now Niqab wearing in trendy ways has made the style really chic.

You wear fashion abayas and take multiple style hijabs that define your unique style statement incredibly. These days, multiple websites are working to give tutorials of different trendy hijabs so that a girl may stand out in everyday look; similarly we have compiled a list of Niqab styles that will really help the Muslimahs to make their style statement classier.

Arabian, Pakistani, Irani and all Indonesian girls are used to wear Niqab. Now only the Niqab and Hijab layering is not enough but stylish girls are going with Hijab jewels and different beaded brooches that are captivating and enhance the Niqab beauty modernly.

Now Hijab is must-have for your street style look and you may give a touch of elegance to Hijab by adding the layer of Niqab if it is required. Well we have a number of styles that are readily going to make you stun, just have one and give your best with classy looks. Here we go girls.

1.    Arabian Niqab with mang tikka and Arabian eye makeover in smoky touch


2.    Turkish silk scarf and Hijab over casual dressing


3.    Desert inspired Niqab for girls to look mesmerizing


4.    Wrap up Hijab with inner layer of black Niqab


5.    Lush red modern Niqab with best makeup and accessories


6.    Bridal Niqab idea with embellished and embroidered Hijab


7.    Iraqi Hijab style always best for ladies


8.    Shocking Niqab with side brooch and chain layering over head


9.    Indonesian Niqab in all white Hijab and abaya


10.    Pakistani simple and well balanced Niqab style


11.    Beautiful Niqab with modern head statement jewelry


12.    Classic black Niqab with black abaya is always stylish


13.    Trendy Hijab style with Niqab for modern girls 2016


14.    Traditional Niqab style with beautiful shawls


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