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Different Ways to Make Beautiful Hijab With Saree


Every outfit is wearable with hijab as hijab are going very trendy these days and women want to keep their habit of doing hijab with every outfit. Now here we will discuss how women can do hijab with saree. If you think that hijab can be done only with salwar kameez then you are wrong. Now women are doing hijab with every other outfit and they look very nice. Hijab with saree looks very chic and it seems to be a part of the dress.

Some women do Hijab taking it as trend or fashion while there are some women who do Hijab with the thought of covering their head as religious obligation. Not only on casual occasion but on parties and wedding functions you can retain your habit of doing Hijab. Not only in Pakistan but now in western countries and other countries of the world women do Hijab to look modest and sober. Do Hijab with saree with different stylish technique and make your own style statement.

Hijab with floral decoration wearing saree;


A very simple silk saree in two contrasted colors is looking awesome. You can wear white color Hijab with this saree as shown in the picture. With this simple Hijab if you desire to decorate it further, you can adorn the Hijab with floral branch that will amuse you and the viewer. More over you can wear a wrist watch in your hand and you will have perfect casual look.

Saree for wedding function with Hijab;


On wedding parties Sarees give very sophisticated look and you can pair a Hijab that could complement you dress.  In this picture we can see orange color saree with golden patches at the edges and the saree is looking very classy. A maroon color Hijab is wrapped around the head with multiple layers. You can adorn your head with Maang tikka on the hijab and this ornament will be enough to give you decent and trendy look.

Hijab with saree for professional ladies;


The stigma that Hijab can be an obstruction in the way of professional ladies is removed now. Even working ladies of any profession can do Hijab with saree and it looks very decent and nice. If you have to keep cap on your head, even in that attire you can don Hijab to cover your head. As it is shown in the given picture women are looking very pretty and respectable wearing Hijab. So Hijab can prove a plus point to your personality.

Hijab on saree adorned with different accessories;


Any fashionistas would like to adorn her Hijab with some accessories like brooches and clips. Brooches look very nice and adorable at the side of the head. Now the trends are to attach brooches at the side of shoulder and this style will look very fabulous with saree. Different colorful brooches are available and you can opt for the one that you think will suit to your saree and Hijab at the same time.

Saree with Hijab with the addition of side Patti;


A very beautiful and nice-looking saree is before us in this picture. Tea-pink and white color saree is looking very nice and with this white color Hijab is complementing a lot. A brooch is fastened at the side of the shoulder and one side Matha-Patti is looking very pretty and the women is looking gorgeous in her ensemble.

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