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How To Wear Hijab With Different Caps and Hats

hijab faishion with cap style for girls (14)

Not only to obey the religious obligation girls are following the trend of Hijab but also to look modest and decent mostly girls Muslim or non-Muslim are doing Hijab. Now new styles and designs in Hijab are attracting women a lot and making them crazy about wearing Hijab in different styles and designs.

No matter in which class and institution you are you can maintain the habit of doing Hijab. Either you are professional or a student you can do Hijab with style-statement look. If a women desire to look elegant like royal family and you think that hijab can be an obstruction in her way then you are wrong. A woman can have elegant and sophisticated look with Hijab and cap.

You can wear hijab and cap on different occasions and which hat will suit with Hijab according the occasion you must know first. Here are a few hats with Hijab are shown that will give you idea how your can have this style on different occasions:

Cap with Hijab for sports girls:

1. hijab faishion with cap style for girls (2)

For sports girls who have to stay active and need to move here and there quickly this cap will remain very comfy. The cap is giving sporty look and girls who want to do Hijab with thus cap can do that. When you are wearing denim pent with denim jacket then wear a white color Hijab first covering all your hairs and then wrap a large muffler all around the neck. Wear a sporty cap cover it and this way of dressing will help you to keepac6ive all time covering your head and hairs.

Hijab with sun hat for casual occasion:

2. hijab faishion with cap style for girls (4)

In summer afternoon you can wear the dress of fitted pent with button down shirt and can wear a long overcoat that is fabricated with light stuff. With this dressing you can wear a sun hat wearing Hijab with it. You can make an updo covering all your hairs behind the head and then wrap a Hijab on it. Then wear this sun hat and have classy look in your attire. University or college going girls can do this kind of Hijab on casual occasions to look stylish and classy.

Vintage inspired hat with Hijab:

3. hijab faishion with cap style for girls (6)

This pink color hat is inspired by vintage and the hat is looking magnificent with white color Hijab. The woman is looking classy and immensely graceful with this fashion of Hijab and cap. This can be done when you are going to visit an elegant place then you can wear this Hijab with cap and will look amazing. Hijab cap is worn first and then Hijab is taken. The necklace embellished with pearls is looking very charming and making the girl looks captivating and nice-looking.

Cloche hat with Hijab:

4. hijab faishion with cap style for girls (5)

Different hats can be taken with Hijab and these will help you making you look chic and fashionable in your demeanor. A black color hijabi cap is taken and then grey color cloche cap is used to cover the head. If you are a working lady you can have this style of cap and Hijab to look brain with beauty lady. This way of dressing will look more fabulous I winter when there is high time to cover hairs and head from cold. But some girls do not leave the habit even in summer. They can take cap with light stuff and then they can wear hats which look suitable in summer.

Panama hat for summer:

5. hijab faishion with cap style for girls (7)

This Panama hat is for summer for the protection from summer. To hide he grace from the direct rays of sun hat is a very classy option and this Panama hat is looking very nice for the occasions when you need to go outside with friends to a horse stable or farm house in summer afternoon. Protect your hairs from sun wearing a scarf that you can wrap on the head and then wear a hat with this Hijab.


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