Abaya and hijab New Design Collections

How Women of Indonesia Like to Carry Hijab


New ideas to carry hijab in Indonesian women style

Hijab is considered as Muslim women wearing trend. It is just a piece of scarf which is used to conceal out head and neck area. Most of the time, women like to carry hijab with small veil and then it becomes naqab. Hijab trend is merely carried with abaya. Hijab and abaya is full Muslim women wearing. Hijab is sign of purity and women like to wear it on daily basis. Currently, there are most of unusual fashions trends are out which displays hijab styles in most amazing manner.

Women all over the world like to carry hijab and considered it as a prominent part of religion Islam. Hijab does not only protect out hairs but also give women a respect. We have seen out that men does not whistle or comment upon ladies who like to wear hijab.

We have seen a lot fashion trends regarding hijab. There is no single style to carry hijab but multiple ones. Our currently drafted presentation is filled out with ideas that will represent out new style to carry hijab. Basically we have elected this bunch as it was inspired from Indonesian style to carry hijab. We thought why not to share this style with our viewers.

The fact is that we are not only giving out ideas to wear hijab in different styles but also designs and patterns that are printed on hijab. One can also seek through that what type of dress these ladies have been wearing with hijab that are carried by us. So as the matter of fact, there is much to see and much for people who like to style them self even carrying Islamic hijab style. Just seek through our drafted presentation for understanding Indonesian style hijab and many more that you may observe.

Indonesian women hijab style:


Beautiful and simple hijab with hijab dress:


Beautiful Indonesian women wearing hijab:


Cool and stylish Indonesian style hijab dress:


Vibrant blue new style hijab for girls:


Full skin beautiful hijab dress for girls 2017:


New style vibrant yellow and blue hijab for fashion divas:


Cute hijab style for young girls:

Modish dress styles for young girls with hijab:


New style full hijab dress for girls:


Indonesian women hijab style


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