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Ideas Of Hijab With Different Crowns For Brides

hijab with flower and crystal crown for brides (3)

Some women have become so habitual of doing Hijab that they want to keep this habit even on the day of wedding. If you are accustomed of doing Hijab then you must keep this habit on the big day of your life when number of people is around you.

Definitely you would not like to leave this habit when you are a bride but the recommendable point is that do not leave your style-statement look. You can maintain your Hijab and stylish look together and can have inspirational look for other women.

The amazing thing that you can add to make your Hijab more nice-looking and captivating is the addition of crown or tiara. Floral or crystal embellished tiara and crown will give you princess like look and you can look pretty and gorgeous with your Hijab. You will have enormously gorgeous and lovely look on wedding day with hijab and crown and some examples for you are shown here:

Green color double layered Hijab with crystal crown:

1. hijab with flower and crystal crown for brides (4)

This double layered Hijab is looking magnificent and commendable. The sheer fabricated second layer over the Hijab cap is embellished with green color crystal work. Crystal embellished crown over the Hijab is further looking outclass and outstanding. The bride is looking very chic and beautiful with amazing col.ors and crystal crown.

Floral crown over the hijab:

2. hijab with flower and crystal crown for brides (12)

Hijab of net fabric is fully draped around the face and then it is left to the other side and it is looking very mod with floral crown over it. Pink color flowers and small white color flowers are looking magnificent and in summer you can have pretty and gorgeous look with this crown. For beach side wedding this way of wearing Hijab and floral crown will look perfect and incredible.

Crown embellished Hijab with veil:

3. hijab with flower and crystal crown for brides (16)

Décor with flowers and beads this crown over Hijab will make your look gorgeous and will give compliment to your whole demeanor. Here we find another addition to Hijab and crown and that is veil. With making this veil you can have more dignified look to mesmerize others. Net fabricated veil will make you look stunning and startling and you can have very lovable appearance on your wedding.

Fabulous crown over Hijab:

4. hijab with flower and crystal crown for brides (7)

Wearing white color Hijab cap you can consider to wear this net laced fabricated Hijab. Fist the head is wrapped with white color Hijab then white laced fabricated dupatta is draped behind the shoulders. With this style of Hijab you can give compliment to your Hijab with wearing crystal crown and can have magnificent and pretty look.


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