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Long Kimonos Fashion Dresses for Modest Street Hijab Girls

3+ Long kimono cardigan street hijab fashion

0. Long kimono cardigan street hijab fashion

Hijabians are now at the topper fashion scene and becoming the popular fashionistas especially for street style fashion. Their trends are more sophisticate as Hijabistas have to pair the wearing that is modest as well as modern. Some wearing pieces have captured the attention of every hijabi girls these days whether to pair up for summer/spring or for fall season the kimono cardigans are fit.

Long kimonos styled with modern Hijab dresses is the wonderful trend this year, these cardigans add the high fashion effects to your look. Modern Hijab fashionistas wrap up Hijab in multiple styles and start wearing up the dresses accessories modernly.

Long kimonos are just tremendous but you have to make a perfect pair with taking pieces of clothing that are in trend for example ripped jeans, pants, skirts, jackets, classic tops, subtle colored button down shirts, tunics, sweaters and maxi Muslimah dresses.

We have put a collection of Hijab fashion outfits that filled with different pattern and style long kimonos that will give you ideas how to style it differently with various design and style dressing codes. So let’s start to disclose and define these ideas one by one given below.

Tribal print long kimonos with Hijab dressing:

1+ Long kimono cardigan street hijab fashion

Tribal prints are cool especially for those Hijab girls who want to mix up the pallets of bohemian fashion. These long kimonos really wonder your appearance and no matter you are going to wear it with jeans dressing or the pant with tunic. For all plain dressing you must splash the colors in kimono and Hijab, pick up silk dark color Hijab and add the sophistication by having a cool design handbag

Kimonos cardigans with loose pants:

2+ Long kimono cardigan street hijab fashion

Long sheer fabric kimonos cardigan worn with loose pants look awesome and trendy for stylish Muslimahs of street style. Taking the long kimono and loose pants you must pair the long chain necklaces that will add the high fashion glance. But if you are frumpy or plus size girl then picking up for this wearing would not be so cool. You can wear straight cut pants to settle down the figure bumps.

Floral kimonos for spring street style fashion:

3+ Long kimono cardigan street hijab fashion

Floral kimono cardigans are best to carry during spring summer season as the floral print inspiration can bloom your look mesmerizingly. Wear the pastel color floral kimono cardigans and match the light blue jeans with white top or tunic but if you take the dark color floral long cardigan then opting for dark blue jeans and tunic will be chic. Style the loafers and converse shoes that are true inspiration of being a modern style fashionista.

Cool street style Hijab fashion:

4+ Long kimono cardigan street hijab fashion

So the long kimonos cardigan in different patterns and stuff is chic like you can see in the image where crochet cardigan is presenting splendor on the other hand intricate pattern sheer cardigan is also best to explore your white and black Hijab modern dressing. Both pastel and dark shadows can be crafted in your street style look.

Matched cardigans and Hijab:

5+ Long kimono cardigan street hijab fashion

Another way of enchanting street style modest look with cardigan is to pick up neutral or plain long kimonos and the same color and fabric Hijab that can create refreshing effects. For example white and subtle brown cardigan in the image is cool to try. Wear high heel sandals or booties and you can turn the head making turban Hijab to be more bold and stylish. Own for high class style sun glasses and go out to be ranked in most modern street style Muslimahs.

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