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New And Latest Style Of Hijab By Dian Pelangi

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Dian pelangi has a name for giving extension to Hijab fashion and with her inspirational ideas of wearing Hijab she has done a lot for boosting up the Hijab fashion in the world. She is the pop style icon who has influenced the women in the world to wear Hijab in different styles and fashion.

From youth to old age women in fact women of different age are following the fashion of hijab not only to look modest but to have style-statement look. Women would feel bore with doing Hijab in the same style always so here we have accumulated Hijab style that they can adopt to bring variations in their style.

Look at this collection by Dian Pelangi and this will you multiple ideas to look trendy and chic even in Hijab:

Turban style Hijab:

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This turban style Hijab will give you modish and fashionable look. With tunics style abaya this way of Hijab will really work. This way of wearing Hijab will give your personality a totally different look. You need to know the art of wearing this style Hijab but you must try this way of Hijab and you will feel elegant and regal.

Simple way of Hijab wearing:

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From old age women to young girls every woman can have decent and nice look in this way of Hijab. For this style of Hijab you need to make the triangular shape of your Hijab or scarf and then take that on head with letting the two sides of Hijab equally at both sides of shoulder. Now attach the pin at the center of chin joining the two sides of Hijab. This style will look very nice and cute for women.

Hijab wearing when you travel:

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For the time when you are travelling you can wear the Hijab in this way that is shown in the picture. Wear Hijab and with molding that from the center place the sides and corner of the Hijab to the inner side of the Hijab. To have stylish look you can make the head wide and large with wearing catcher arranging all the hairs in that catcher.

Classy way of Hijab:

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Have classy and stylish look with this pattern of Hijab. Wearing the Hijab making it loose from the upper and then tightly tie that behind the neck. Black and white color of Hijab is looking very nice and you will look very sophisticated and elegant in this style of Hijab. To add more style wear goggles above the head and give fabulous impression of your personality to people.
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