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New Style Of Hijab For Girls And Women

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Different and stylish ways of Hijab are attracting women who even never would imagine of wearing Hijab. Young girls have made hijab trend and its fashion is increasing day by day. Girls and women both do not want to stick with one or two style of Hijab but they struggle to look for the new style that they can adopt for Hijab in order to bring versatility and change to their look.

The contrast of cap and Hijab also attract girls and women a lot. On different fabrics beautiful prints of Hijab wrapped all around the head will give very glowing look to your face. Multi layered Hijab style also give very chic and fashionable look. Some of the styles of Hijab are shown here for you:

Tea pink color Hijab with cap:

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The color of Hijab is looking wonderful with amazing printed design on it. Wrapped in triangle style the Hijab is looking very nice. First wear cap and then wrap this Hijab over the head to have decent and somber look. Grey, light brown or off-white color cap will look nice with this Hijab. School going girls can make this style of Hijab to look cute and innocent.

Grey color Hijab with black cap:

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Grey color of the Hijab will give very somber look to you. This style of Hijab is looking outstanding. To do this style first wear a cap then wearing the Hijab over head take it from one side and secure behind the ear with cap with the help of pin. Now take the other side and pin up this side on shoulder with pin. This way of draping the Hijab will cover the front side of your body in very stylish way.

Sky blue color Hijab:

Sky blue color is very appealing color and it gives very fascinating cool vibes. Wearing white color outfit you can bring color to your attire pairing this sky blue color Hijab. The printed Hijab draped in dupatta style will give you very mod and stylish look. Make a high updo or tie all your hairs in catcher then drap the Hijab on head in the same way as shown in the picture. Going outside in hurry you can make this style of Hijab within a few minutes.

Red color Hijab with brooch:

4. looking innocent in hijab (12)

This way of taking Hijab will give you very sophisticated and elegant look. Women can cover their head and shoulders in this Hijab in very stylish way. Taking the Hijab on head attach one side of the Hijab with brooch on shoulder. On red color Hijab silver color brooch is looking fabulous. Working women who are Hijabians they will feel very comfy with this style of Hijab.


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