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School girls Hijab style ideas with outfits


Hijab is the  religious obligation of the  Islamic ladies  because in Islam it is  compulsory for a woman that she cover her head and the feminine part of body  in front of the unknown  males .the chaddar , abaya , scarf , burka , staler and  many other things are used for covering the head  so the  Hijab is the  latest  outfit that is using among the girls it is adopting just for fashion very  few girls are carried it for the  religious purpose otherwise it is just for fashion.

It is not carried only in theMuslims girls rather the all European girls are using it on the abaya , jeans, skirts , gowns and the other different dresses  it is in the silk , pashmina stuff, georgette, chiffon, velvet , linen  and the other fabric are used for making the Hijab .in the winter Hijab style with the  warm dresses are good choice you can easily carry it at your home and the school going ,tour , wedding ,party on all the events it look nice  the school girls should carry it gives them an innocent look  so stay with jus and the fabulous Hijab style with your outfit is here

Abaya with Hijab:


Black color  a line abaya with the belt is looking so nice  and the printed pashmina Hijab is looking nice you can carry any color abaya with your printed Hijab because the every shade of abaya is carrying by the  girls at the place of abaya you can simple carry the  Hijab for the covering your head and the  dupatta in your neck  it is best for the students.

Top with Hijab:


The girls is in the high  and low top in white color with the full fitted jeans  and the  pashmina stuff beige color Hijab is decent  with it carry the high heel peep toe shoes and the  sunglasses for the  summer season this dressing is best you can carry the black color Hijab  with this dress  for the graceful look because black color is always decent .

Skirt with Hijab:


Hijab look nice with every outfit because it is best thing than the dupatta the students are mostly using hijab for covering their head striped yellow and black color skirt with the jacket and the Hijab in wool stuff the students who are going to meet her friend and the academy going carrying this Hijab with the joggers and the converse shoes.

Young girls in Hijab:


All the universities and the college girls are in the Hijab  they are carrying the Hijab with their  tights , pants , skirt maxis and the other outfits  black dotted  long skirt with the mustard top and the Hijab is looking fabulous  with the shoulder bag  white top with black pant and off white color chiffon simple Hijab is good at the place of simple you can carry the floral  also  long shirt with cigarette pant and the animal printed  Hijab is looking  outstanding look.

Street style looks:


The young girls are very conscious for their dressing they want to look attractive and charming leather jeans with pink top  and the jarsi stuff Hijab is good  with the hat in the day time go out  white skinny jeans with the top and the  full pleated style Hijab is best for the long face  girls you can carry this dress in the university  with the shoulder bag and the Hijab is also carried in the digital printed.



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