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In Pakistan and other Muslim countries hijab and abayas are the compulsory items because our beloved religion emphasizes the Muslim women to cover them with abaya or a big cloth while going out in order to protect from unwanted gazes of the unknown males.

So as the follower of Islam, a Muslim lady never goes out without covering her head and body with a scarf and abaya. Although both of these things are essential but here we are talking about just hijab in Pakistani style.

Hijabs are designed in different kinds of garment plain or printed according to the season are easily available in the market, carried according to the dress, season and occasion.

Hijab is single piece of cloth but it can dramatically change one’s personality. Nowadays young girls like to wear hijab to add grace and style to their personality so it is now not only considered a simple ritual but also a stylish trend that add sparks and grace.

Young girls like to try new trends and fashion of hijabs to look modern and stylish. There are countless ways of wearing hijab in which a lady can look gorgeous, graceful and beautiful also and this post will help the readers that which style of hijab is perfect for different events.

Choosing the right hijab style according to your face shape is the most important thing, all ladies are born having different face shapes as round, square, oval, oblong, heart shape, diamond shape etc so consider your face shape while choosing a hijab style.

it can be a little bit tricky because a right style can add grace to your personality and a wrong style can destroy you over all look and beauty.

Considering a face shape is the most important thing to decode the style of draping the scarf, for example if you have a square face shape then it is better to you that skin the edges of your mouth with cloth to make round look. If you have a long face with wide forehead, use a hijab cap or a scarf with cap to hide more part of the forehead.

Different kinds of accessories as headbands, pins, laces, brooches and clips are used on top of the hijab or head scarf and these accessories multiply the beauty of the hijab style.

These accessories go best with fancy dresses for formal events, hijab can be combined with a hijab cap and these hijab caps are easily available in the market; give a modern look to simple hijab style.

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