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Some Benefits Of Hijab For Women

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Hijabis must for Muslim woman and all Muslim women and girls who really practice the teachings of Islam do Hijab before going outside. Every one want to expose the best things he or she has.

A woman can get praise for her beautiful figure and physique by exposing these things but when you hide your beauty from opposite sex you will feel special for yourself. There are a number of benefits of doing Hijab that are given here:

Hijab makes a woman feel comfortable:

A pure and somber soul woman would not want to be praised by men. She will not like the other men gaze their body parts and hairs. Hairs make half of the beauty of women and these really attract men toward them.

So wearing a veil or doing Hijab she a man will consider her a pure and sober lady and will not tease her. Then woman can easily go anywhere without being afraid that man can look at her.

She will get respect wherever she goes:

If two women are going on road, one is wearing Hijab and the other is with open hairs and sporting sexy dress then a man will definitely look at the girl who is enticing him with her charming appearance.

On the other hand a woman who has wrapped her hairs just to please God is respected by all. Every one gives her respect for her good intentions and thought. Doing Hijab means that a woman respect herself and if you respect yourself only then others will respect you.

A hijabi woman can play role in society:

A woman wearing vulgar dress spread vulgarity in society. The vulgarity can lead to serious problems and with covering hairs and body a woman can make the danger less. This thing can create respect for women in the eyes of men and then there will be less chances of women exploitation.

Make your married life happy:

When a woman shows her hairs only in front of her husband then this step create love and respect in husband mind. If a woman just wants to be praised by her husband and do not want to show herself to unknown people then her husband will feel lucky for having a devoted wife. Hijab can play role in strengthening the relationship of couple.

Exclude you from fashion competition:

In fashion competition not a single girl remain on the top always. One time one girl looks prettiest and next time someone else. So doing Hijab you can get yourself out of the competition of fashion. Girls always want to look best but once if she does Hijab then she will no more desire to look best or she will not envy other girls. This habit of Hijab can save her from jealousy and envy.

Inspire other women who do not wear hijab:

You can make yourself inspirational for other women who do not wear Hijab. When the other women will see you being respected by men and being protected from evils in society then they will also like to do the same. Hijab will cover your hairs from dust and dirt in the atmosphere.

Make your family feel proud of you:

A woman with Hijab can make her father and brother feel proud. Hijab means that she wants to be safe from the vulgarity in the society and therefore her father and brother will love to have daughter or sister.
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