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No one can deny the fact that woman look exquisitely modest and sophisticated wearing Hijab. For Muslim girls it is a religious obligation to cover their body and head and whoever followed this trend was considered outdated and old-fashioned because you cannot bring any diversity in your look it was considered. But this is good news for all Muslim girls and ladies that they can bring novelty and change in their look even wearing Hijab. Different styles and designs are introduced now that the girls who were not ready to approve Hijab for others are now doing Hijab themselves. In western countries women of every ages even young girls are following this trend. You can have different styles in Hijab and how they are all doable let us see here in this article;

Simple Arabic style Hijab;


Arabic styles Hijab are very much followed by girls and these really look awesome. With abaya you can wear this Hijab and not only abayas can be paired with this. You can wear this Hijab while you are dressed in different clothes. Here a grey color scarf is looking commendable with black color abaya. in this style you can wear different colors of scarf and then adorn that with a brooch at one side. Different designs of brooches complement the whole Hijab.

Drab a dupatta on your head;


If you are wearing a dress and want to wear Hijab with it with your own dupatta then this style is for you. Drab a dupatta around your head in four steps;
•    Take dupatta on your head in a way that at one side it should be long and from the other side it should be short in length
•    Then take the long length and drab it around your head making a layer above the first one
•    If your dupatta is long in length then you can make more than one layers
•    Now pin up the remaining part at the side of ear and you can attach a pin here.

Turban style Hijab;


Turban style Hijab is very comfortable because that is completely drabbed over the head and you do not need to manage anything on
shoulders. Mostly girls do this hijab with denim and shirt while going outside for shopping. To make turban Hijab you need to follow these methods;
•    First of all tie a knot behind your neck crossing the sides of the dupatta
•    Then take one side and cross it over the head and tied at the end of the neck where the first knot is done
•    Now take the other side and making a cross over the head tied it where the first knot is. Turban style Hijab is done.

Hijab with gown;


Fancy dresses can be made more wonderful with the addition of Hijab. Gowns are very trendy these days and you can wear Hijab with this to increase the elegance of your whole attire. This purple color gown is looking very modish and with the combination of colored stroller you can uplift the grace of your demeanor. Tiara on the head is giving regal and sophisticated look.

Pearl style Hijab for girls

Some ready Hijab are also available if you do not know the technique of doing different hijab. These are also found decorated with pearls and stones. As here a beautiful Hijab is shown that is looking very nice with the dress. You can match different hijab with your dress and can wear it. A lot of options you have to wear Hijab in different styles and techniques.

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