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Variation in Hijab Trend For Bridals


Hijab fashion finds its roots from Arabian Muslim women who used to cover their hair with dupatta or scarf. With the advancement of time there came progress in this trend. Now not only for the sake of covering hair but also taking it as fashion mostly women do hijab. A woman covering her head with scarf or stroller looks modest and humble. Even brides also want to cover their hairs in fashionable mode. New ways to adorn brides wearing hijab are introduced and all elevate the grace of bride. Brides look very stunning and attractive with hijab. In old days a lot of time was given to make a bride’s hair style but now hijab on wedding s increasing in demand.

Draping scarf on head and then taking dupatta over it is a very stylish way to adorn a bride. Mostly brides wear red color on their wedding function. They contrast a red color stroller with it. After covering head with stroller or scarf, they set the dupatta upon it. Dupatta that is highly embroiled is set on head in such a way that the work on its border can be seen from a side that is drawn on shoulders and over the head it is placed at a little bit distance from the hijab. Hijab fully cover their head, ear and neck. Now their ornaments could be just maang tikka or maang patti and necklace that they drape around the neck covered with scarf.


Some brides like to wear a maang tikka with necklace while there are some brides who prefer to wear matha patti over the scarf. Matha patti could be of one layer or multiple one. Other accessories may be just bangles and rings to make their hands beautiful. Covering head provoke more femininity than the uncover head giving brides a sweet look. Furthermore a bridal looks like a queen with regal and royal look. Bridals can also make contrast between scarf color and the color of the dress. As if they can wear golden color under scarf with red color outfit. With this they can wear gold jewelry and that will complement the dress more.

If it is the function of Walima then bridals can choose multiple colors steering away from the typical red color. If they wore a dress with the amalgamation of different colors then choose such color of the scarf that can set the tone of your attire and go just perfect with the whole costume. Contrasting colors between scarf and dress also make wonders. It can make the brides more prominent and graceful.


Different styles are gaining popularity as turban style and Arabian style. In these styles bridals cover their hair with different pattern. We can see versatility and change in this trend too. But it depends how you wore hijab and how you carry it.


It is a common conception that women who wore hijab always give the same look with nothing change in their style. And in the semblance of a bride she can do nothing to look different and gorgeous wearing hijab. But different styles and ways are shown here and looking at these styles we can see how a bridal can look beautiful and stylish even wearing hijab. It demolish the view that hijab can be a barrier in their way for looking dazzling but wearing hijab they can look even more elegant and sophisticated. Bridals on their marriage can keep their habit of covering head continue and they would look meek and modest wearing hijab.

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