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Why a Muslim Lady Should Wear Hijab And Burqa

4 Why do Muslim women wear a burka or Hijab (3)

In this modern and trendy world there are lots of girls who love to do fashion and crazy about fashionable outfits but we should memorize or think that in the sparkle of modernism are we forgetting are basic rules and ethics? Really?

I mean being a girl this modern world is really hard to survive and specially for a Muslim lady because she have to surviving the community and society as well may be she have to go outside and work but still by remaining in her ethics and limits.

What are the limits of a lady? Who set a limit line? Yes we have answer Islam has amazingly set the right and limitations of a Muslim woman which makes her different from others. But today the scarf and hijab or you can say wearing burqa by females are making prominent headline sin all over the world.

So let’s talk about it that why a Muslim woman should wear hijab or scarf or she should be in Burqa. There are no doubt the myriads of reason that why a Muslim girls should wear hijab and burqa but the main thought and beautiful believe of a Muslim Woman is always at top that it is the rules and obligations which are set by the God for Muslim Ladies.

There are also some verses in Quran Pak (O Prophet, tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to bring down over themselves [part] of their outer garments. That is more suitable that they will be known and not be abused. And ever is Allah Forgiving and Merciful. 33,59)

It is the article of dressing which enhances the respect of a woman and makes her feel protective. The person who thinks realizes that hijab, burqa and veil are the real beauty of a woman which makes her special and covered from others.

Many countries like Turkey and Tunisia banned the hijab just because of following the modern trend that is the latest fashion to show off your ladies but Still some countries like Saudi Arabia has making it a dress code to cover their woman properly. So think before you do any sort of fashion that is your religion allows you to do so? Think over again.

Hijab is a Real Beauty of Muslim Women:

1 Why do Muslim women wear a burka or Hijab (1)

It Makes her Feel Protective:

2 Why do Muslim women wear a burka or Hijab (1)

It Differentiate Her from Others:

3 Why do Muslim women wear a burka or Hijab (2)

It Makes Her Most Respectable:

4 Why do Muslim women wear a burka or Hijab (3) Why do Muslim women wear a burka or Hijab (4)


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