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Different Attires For Muslim Girls In Winter

How Do Muslim Girls Do Winter (6)

Muslim girls mostly do Hijab as religious obligation and if it is the matter of religious purpose then women have to cover head and body too all over.

In summer it may be difficult but in winter they can cover their head and body with warm clothes. It is not easy to follow Islam keeping in touch with style-statement look. But this is not impossible girls do follow Islam making their look stylish and chic.

If we talk about winter then in this season people wear different accessories to cover their body. Girls can have different accessories like pull over, cardigans, sweater in long and short form, shrug, blazer, crochet shawl; scarf and caps can be worn in winter with stylish and classy look.

Different outfits paired with scarf look more chic and stylish. Here we will see what kind of dressing you can do in winter to have stylish and classy look:

Skirt and T-shirt with leather jacket:

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Girls can wear skirt of black color with T-shirt and can wear a leather jacket over it to complement the dress. Then you can cover your hairs with black color scarf and wrapped the scarf over the head. This stylish look is very nice for students to adopt. These loose clothes will cover your body and will also cover your hairs. This look is also nice for casual occasions or while going in streets at evening you can have this dressing. Young girls will love to do this dressing.

Cape style blazer with cigarette pant:

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Cigarette pant is very much in fashion and Muslim girls can do this fashion with turtle neck cape style blazer. The sky blue color of the blazer is looking very soothing. If you want to have modest and decent look then this dressing is really for you. You can tuck your scarf in the turtle neck blazer. The blazer is in cape style that has given it loose form. T-shirt with the blazer is looking very nice. Swaggers in hand and sneakers will make your look complete. For house wives this look is very nice to adopt.

Muslim woman look as professional lady:

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Professional ladies can opt for this look. The lady is looking very decent and sober. She is showing her serious attitude for work through her dressing. She is wearing a long coat that is in grey color and with this coat black color Pant and shirt are also looking fabulous.

Skin color Hijab with colored scarf over the head will complement the whole dressing. Black color flat pumps are looking perfect with the dress. Scarf is all over adorned with tussles that are in black color. Golden wrist watch and bag are looking very perfect with the attire.

Black abaya with jersey over it:

4. How Do Muslim Girls Do Winter (10)

If you are habitual of wearing abaya then also in abaya you can look modish and fashionable. With black color abaya you can wear jersey over it. The jersey is in light grey color and the Hijab is also in the same color. This attire is looking very nice and decent.

If you wear a fur coat in grey color with black abaya and also wear grey color Hijab then you will look outclass with your dressing. This dressing will make you feel comfortable and layered Hijab will keep you active and confident outside.

Hooded jacket in leather with scarf:

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This long hooded jacket will make you look modern and you can pair it with black color scarf. Tuck the scarf in long jacket and pair it with black pant. Black color zipper boots in leather are looking very nice with the attire. Glass4s with the dressing are making the lady perfect brain-with- beauty. Have stylish and fashionable look in this dressing.

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