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Top Abaya And Islamic Women Clothing Fashion 2017


About abaya:

An abaya is considered as long usually dark colored cloth, which is worn out by Muslim ladies. Muslim women carry abayas with hijab and even naqab. In naqab, they just leave a little strip around the eyes so that they can see through naqab.

It is merely worn out by ladies while having first sign of puberty,. The abayas can also be beaded and decorated with embroider techniques. Modern style abayas cans also be finding in variety of shades. Even though darker colors of abayas are most common type but light shaded abayas are also in fashion for now.

Wearing abaya is considered as normal part of Islamic culture for Muslim women. Quran is considered as Holy book which is to be followed by Muslims very devotedly. In Holy book of Quran, there is saying about modesty of women and to cover herself from sight of men all around her. For that reason, abaya have massive importance in Islamic world.

About post:

Our currently drafted presentation is allied with display of admirable and highly stunning collection of abaya and Muslim women wearing clothing line merged with trending fashion facts and figures. there are lots of things we have discussed in our previous paragraph which shows importance of abaya in Muslim women`s life.

We have also drafted out new styles and designs of abayas for ladies along with hijab in some segments. In our presentation, you will not only find multiple Muslim women wearing clothing but also ways and ideas to carry out abaya. We know that there is massive range of designs and styles in case of abayas and hijab, but we have drafted out some of best of all. Just take a look.

Visual aids:
Beige abaya for girls:


Black and white stylish abaya:


Classy red abaya for girls:


Simple dark green abaya for girls:


Modern style gold and black abaya:


New style luxurious abaya for girls:


Beautiful stylish abaya for girls:


Chiffon embroidered skin abaya:


Amazing purple gracious abaya:


Kaftan dress for girls:


Skin fitted abaya design:



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