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Why Islam Asks Women To Wear abaya

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Islam is the religion of peace and this religion is the complete code of life. This religion has laid down certain rules for men and women both to obey. In this world every person would like to know how he can have success in every field of life and Islam guides a person on every step.

All guidance is written in holy Quran and every one can have guidelines for religious, social, political and in practical life so on. The rules for men and women are given in Quran and the rules of protecting modesty are must for both.

It is always being controversial that why a woman has to cover her body doing perdah and why not there are rules for men. Here we will discuss why it is made compulsory for women to wear abaya and how it gives benefits to women and society both:

Allah says in Quran:

“O Prophet! Tell your wives, your daughter and the women who are believers to put on cloaks all over their bodies. That will be better, that they should be known so as not to be annoyed. Allah is Most-forgiving and most Merciful”.

First Allah has ordained women to cover their body and also tells the reason that in order to keep themselves safe and protected they must wear a large cloak that can cover them from head to toe. In old days, in the days of ignorance when muslin women go outside then many non-Muslims start teasing them and then tell the reason that they thought them to be bad women.

Then the order was revealed for the protection of women and to make discrimination between believers and non-believers so as they would no more be harassed by men. A woman cover in cloak is less liable to be victimized by men.

A woman has not to explain that she belongs to a Muslim and good family, her abaya will tell others that she is a modest woman who want her chastity safe.
Women when go outside with open hairs and wearing tight clothes then definitely they entice the passions of men.

Men consider this as invitation from women and definitely they will respond. When a woman wants the attraction of men she tries to put on embellished clothes with nice-looking hairstyle so all men consider this effort has been done for them and they do not like to go waste the struggle of women with giving no attention toward them.

It becomes easy for Satan to compel men to go near the women and tease her. A bold woman then respond and this create disturbance and mess in society. For being insulted man can go to any limit to take revenge from women.

To avoid all these problems if a woman just wears abaya then she will feel safe and secure and mostly men will look at them with respectful eyes. So a woman can play her role in making a peaceful society for herself and also for others.

The next thing comes to mind that what kind of abaya a woman must put on. In old days after the revelation of the perdah order many women start wearing cloaks of black color. It is not compulsory to wear a black color abaya but women can wear any other colors that are worn by women.

Many women think that just wearing of loose garment is enough and they are not sinful. The dress should be loose enough that it would not let the curves of the body being prominent. They must wear a neat and clean dress but it must not be attractive and captivating.

Even if you are wearing abaya tighten fully with a lot of embellishment that it is grasping the attention then it is not permissible in Islam. You must understand the purpose behind the order and that is to keep body concealed fully.

Many scholars argue about the exposure of face and hands but there is not argue on the abaya. If a Muslim woman does not wear abaya it means she is not practicing the rules and obligation an going against what Islam has asked her to do. For the safety of chastity and modesty a woman must wear abaya at the time of going outside.

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