Abaya and hijab New Design Collections

Amazing Collection of Plain Black Abayas


Simple and beautiful long dress that covers your whole body is called abaya and abaya is the most important and essential element in Muslim women’s life because they have to cover their bodies before going out. They do this by wearing abaya and Muslim women all around the world use this cloth in order to cover the body.

There are strict rules in Arabian countries about wearing abaya. Arabian women cannot go out without wearing the long dress. Long ago, women use simple black abayas to hide the body but now with the fashion of dresses, shoes and other accessories, the fashion trend f abaya is also increasing day by day.

Women now want to look stylish by wearing abaya too and to keep this demand in mind; designers are making abayas in different styles and designs. They use different kinds of stuff as georgette, chiffon, net; jersey etc and they embellish abaya with beads, embroidery, laces, patches and many other things. They design this dress in different colors but now this year the fashion trend of wearing black abaya is come back and now ladies like to wear plain black but stylish abaya.

Long length abaya is designed in jersey stuff, kept plain, only a waist belt made in chain and rhine stones is used to make this plain abaya stylish and beautiful. This simple but stylish abaya can be used for formal party as you can see ion the picture, a girl wearing this abaya, holding a golden clutch in her hand and wearing hijab in contrast skin color is looking so nice.

Simple abaya is designed in black jersey stuff, the abaya is stitched in round shape neckline, kept plain and no material is used to garnish the long dress. This is perfect for casual wear and college/university going girls can use it for the college/university.

Open front abaya is stitched in gown style, decorated with thin white lace and stuff of velvet is also use to make this more beautiful, placed on the bottom of abaya. This stylish abaya can be paired with jeans, skirts and other dresses and you can carry it for formal and casual wear also, looking so nice and graceful. Butterfly abaya is decorated with beads lace in green and golden color, placed on the border of sleeves and waistline as belt.

There is an idea for you, you can carry hijab in contrast green or golden color match to the lace. The girl wearing green color hijab with this abaya is looking nice.

These abayas are perfect for summer season because they stitched in loose style and you can feel fresh in summers by wearing abaya too. One is stitched in baggy style with cut out full sleeves and other is designed in kaftan style. Kaftan style abaya is a latest style and this type of abayas is perfect for summer season and will look good on slim, smart girls.

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