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Trending abaya designs for ladies

Abaya is considered as Muslim women wearing that is likely to be carried by abundant of Muslim ladies to cover themselves as a whole from sight of men. abaya can also be worn out with different styles as it can be carried with matching hijab and also with naqab. In previous days, abaya is carried with naqab but currently combination of hijab and abaya has become more and more foremost fashion trend especially in Asian countries. There are also unique and highly standardize styles in abayas and designers are focused toward it. Traditional style of abaya remains the same but further addition of coloring aspects and trending designing facts and figures has modified abayas in unique ways.

Currently we are going to discuss various abaya collections that are likely to be popular in Pakistan. Being a citizen of Pakistan, I personally know that abayas fashion trends are at their peak than other fashion facts and figures. This is because we are affiliated with Islam and also working upon basic principles to modified the visual designing concepts of old things for good. Just seek through our drafted presentation and you will come to know about abaya fashion of Pakistan.

Abaya fashion in Pakistan:

Abayas are now foremost fashion trend all over the world and there is no doubt in this concept, but currently we are going to discuss and seek through the designs that are more popular and widely carried by women in Pakistan.

Simple abaya design:


Arabian style abaya:


Dubai abaya design:


Parties wear abaya with hijab:


Kaftan abaya style:


Winter abaya design:



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