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Open jacket Style Abaya Collection for Modern Girls 2016

3. Open jacket style Abaya for girls

Abaya is no doubt a modest wearing for Muslim ladies as we find teachings of Islam more sacred when it talks about the women wearing, in Islam a woman is asked to wrap her body when she comes in social scene. Well the appropriate dress for a lady is abaya when she has to interact socially; she wears it as a shield for not exposing of her body.

Well we can’t tell when and where from it has been originated but it can be said that it’s an old wearing that has been transformed to stylish and trendy styles in which of them open jacket style abayas are wondrous to wear not only casually but also for parties.
Here I have a collection of open jacket style abayas in which you will find a big variety, every abaya is in new style and that can be draped as a fashion or as a religious norm of dressing.

These abayas have not only the robe like jacket but also the matched Hijab which is the crucial need of every young fashionista of this age when everyone is crazy about new trends. You can make any style of Hijab with this wearing but make sure that it suits on your face as face shapes matter a lot when draping any Hijab.

You can simply get these open jackets separately or attached with your abaya but mostly the separate ones get more attention of girls, it’s up to the need of your while you carry it for a party or for casual use, for any formal event it must be embellished properly having the embroideries or beautification of laces. On the other hand make this open jacket simple but elegant if you wanna wear on daily basis.

Lace detailed open jacket abaya:

1. Open jacket style Abaya for girls

Black lace on pink abaya has made the pastel hues more enchanting and the knotted open jacket abaya is giving the idea to young girls that if you don’t want to let it open then tie a knot and be comfy in your style. Wear Hijab over it, just simply wrap the Hijab around your face and be a glam lady with soft and natural makeup.

Embroidered party wear open style abaya:

2. Open jacket style Abaya for girls

For a party, try to be stylish but classy by wearing the formal embroidered abaya in blue. This abaya is perfect to carry as trendiest wearing but you must bring the more formal hues in your personality by accessorizing it gorgeously.

Classy black and red jacket style abaya:

3. Open jacket style Abaya for girls

This abaya is wondrously fit to carry by young girls as they have more parties so this can also make your style statement glamorous. Wear Hijab and get the red nail polish, high heel golden or black footwear can stand your style up.

Abaya style for spring season:

4. Open jacket style Abaya for girls

For spring and summer season more pastel accents look ravishing so take the soft pink over layering with black abaya and keep the Hijab fabric sheer to have lightweight effects. Try to have less makeup but define the features naturally.

Printed jacket over black abaya:

5. Open jacket style Abaya for girls

Stripped and plaid prints create interest when you have this for open jacket abayas. Make these jackets or kimonos tremendous over black abaya and rock your modest wearing properly. Wear high strappy sandal heels with these abayas and lift up your height.

Floral charm on open jacket abaya:

6. Open jacket style Abaya for girls

This modest wearing is inspired of the spring season having the floral printed open jacket or kimono with abaya. Keep your style glamorous having a floral printed matched purse and the subtle high heels with this abaya.

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