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Different Stylish Ways to Wear a Scarf in Winter Season


Scarf is a piece of garment, wrapped or tied around the neck or near the head for warmth, cleanliness, and fashion, style or religious reasons.  Scarf is also known as muffler and neck wrap and usually used in winters for warmth. Scarf comes in different variety of colors, sizes and styles; they may have embellishments or fringes.

Scarf can be casual or formal and everywhere in-between. Scarf is wrapped or worn in different styles depending on size, personal style and also on the event you are going to attend. Here is the collection of neck scarves or mufflers for winter season, let’s talk about them.

Long and rectangular scarves are most commonly used and they can be worn in loose, looped or knotted in multiple ways. Long/rectangular wool scarves go best in the winter season to keep warm with warm and wool clothes and sweaters. Grey color wool scarf is wrapped around the neck in simple style. For this style, take a long wool scarf and loop it twice around your neck and then leave ends as it is. This style of scarf is used with light grey color jacket and tight denim jeans, perfect for casual wear for college/university.

Don’t wrap the scarf always around your neck; sometimes wear a scarf in non-typical way. Let the scarf fall in front of your outfit, it is the easiest way to wear a scarf. You can see in the picture, checked scarf is wore in the simple style and paired with light color sweater and black skinnies, perfect for everyday wear.

Some girls like to use pashmina scarves in winter season for warmth because it is a soft and lightweight warm fabric. A girl in the picture wore skin tight black pant with skin tight white shirt and she also wore a pashmina scarf in new style that is looking like a loose turtleneck combined with scarf. Fold the scarf in half, position the front center of your neck with the ends draped over your back.

Crisscross the ends and bring them over to the front of your neck. Tie a loose knot and tuck it underneath the wrapped portion of scarf, keeping that upper layer (which covers the knot) loose. Flatten out the ends over the chest as much as you can, making less puffy. In the end, gently pull down the top layer to cover the knot.

This style of scarf is perfect for snowy days because there is no better time to wear a cozy and warm scarf than in the snow. It is not only modern and chic but it will also help to keep the snowflakes flurries from entering the neck of your sweater or jacket. Readymade neck scarves are also designed and easily available, there is no need to wrap them in style, you can use them as it is to make your look modern and stylish.

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