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Different Ways Of Wearing Scarf For Girls

tie a scarf on your head (4)

To tie a scarf on head can make your look innocent and beautiful and girls really look gorgeous with scarf on head. Every girl want to bring change in her style and look and she always try to bring newness and freshness to her look.

To tie a scarf will give you very nice change and with different outfits you can have style-statement look. With western style outfits you can have these styles of tying scarf on head and girls really look stylish and different. There are multiple designs and style that you can adopt to have style-statement look.

Wearing pent shirt, skirts, pent coat and withal kinds of casual dresses you can opt for a scarf to tie on head and different methods are shown here for you:

Tie scarf in bow style:

1. tie a scarf on your head (1)

You can tie the scarf in this bow style and it will give you very stylish and gorgeous look. You have seen small kids with this style of head band and those girls really look lovable. Young girls can also have this style and this style will give them very cute look.

You can do this style on casual occasions and will look very nice to others. With doing updo of your hairs above you head. You can make your hairstyle attractive and beautiful. This red color of scarf will look suitable with many colors of the outfits and girls will have a shiny look of the red color on their face too.

Tie scarf with your braid:

2. tie a scarf on your head (6)

If you have long hairs you can tie a scarf with making braid of hairs. With making band on side swept hairstyle you can do the braid taking the scarf with it. This printed scarf will make the style classy and attractive.  You will have very decent and nice look in this hairstyle.

You can even attend a semi-party function with this hairstyle. When you are going for a get together party function you can opt for this hairstyle and it will make you stand out with your nice look.

Tie scarf in turban style:

3. tie a scarf on your head (8)

You can tie the scar in turban style and this look is very nice for women. Wearing skirt and pent or any casual dress you can do this way of wearing scarf and this style will give you amazing look. Printed scarves are looking very nice and these will make you look very stylish and chic in the gathering.

Girls who do Hijab can go with this style of sporting the scarf. Making a knot on head you can bring a change in the style and can give a different dimension to your look.

Wrap scarf on head in desert style:

4. tie a scarf on your head (9)

This is another way of wearing scarf and will give you very chic and fashionable look. With pent and shirt you can do this scarf style. You can also opt for this look with fitted skirt and half blouse and it will give you splendid look. You can have an attractive and captivating look with this style. Do once this and this will become difficult for you to leave this because it gives very confident and fantastic look.

Tie a knot on the head:

5. tie a scarf on your head (3)

In just four steps you can have this amazing hairstyle and a high messy updo will make your look more attractive. This style will give you very stylish and fashionable look. At the time of going to bazaar or when you are working household chores you can do this style of hairs. This way of scarf is a great way of covering your head and hairs in summer and you will feel very much relaxed with this style.

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