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How To Tie a Scarf just like Mikasa Ackerman



We have a lot of tutorials about Hijab and scarf that how can you tie all the Hijab styles that are very significant and allure these days. A scarf is a head wearing that is used for two purposes, to cover up the head and shoulder area and to delight it in various styles just for fashion. Now scarf has gotten the worldwide appearance as ladies wear this pair of clothing to accessorize the dress fashionably.

Well, how many of you the girls like fiction cartoon series or games of this age? You are surely thinking of getting towards totally different talk, it is because we have an inspiration from such games about scarf. ‘Attack on Titan’ is enormously famous game in which Mikasa Ackerman female character got popular due to her style and the devoted performance with bold actions.

Mikasa synonymous style of wearing her scarf is very significant among her fans and the young girls that give wonderful appearance when paired over any modern or even casual dressing. Basically she was starred wearing always maroon scarf with same Mikasa style wearing and today we will tell you how you can tie that scarf in the same way Mikasa styled in that series.

This guide will help you in updating your style, however besides that scarf you can also follow her style stated dressing code too and the modern haircut in short tresses. Take the same long maroon scarf as of Mikasa but it is not the condition that color should be same, you can pick another color shade too for your personal satisfaction and choice. There are more things to discuss about Mikasa but we would like to move ahead so that we can describe the method of wearing scarf like Mikasa.

Basic steps to tie Mikasa scarf perfectly:

So girls, if you are fan of Mikasa Ackerman and want to carry the scarf style just like her then keep on reading our post for further steps of wearing perfect scarf.

•    Take a scarf of maroon color in long style but as we have told in above lines that color picking depends upon you so it’s your own choice to go with any shade but we have taken the Mikasa maroon scarf. Wear this scarf just like the both ends are meeting the chest side area.

•    Pick up the left side of scarf to start transforming the Mikasa style of wearing and pull this through the other side of scarf in a way that it is making the knot of both sides of scarf.

•    Now tight this knot up, but keep in mind don’t pull it so tightly that it may irritate your neck. Set that knot sophisticatedly from the bottom part especially around the neck. Bring the both sides and ends of scarf just like going down to both shoulders.

•    After setting up first step you have done to scarf, get ready to do the next by repeating the same step. Give another knot from scarf loops but make sure that after knotting the scarf may not give the appearance of that knot. You have to set that knot under the neck scarf part and let the loops of scarf gets down on one another.

•    Ok! You have done. You are just displaying the same scarf style that Mikasa done in attack titan. Let the scarf somewhat loose and don’t make it too tight. Wear such scarf in winter days to delight your street style outfits like jeans and tops or over the sweaters.

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