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Tips To Wear or Tie a Scarf In Arabic Style for Beautiful Look

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Scarf and hijab is a compulsory element in Muslim woman s’ life because our beloved religion Islam does not allow us to expose our head and hair to males.

So a lady has to wear a scarf or hijab along with abaya while going out. Scarves or hijabs can be used with or without abaya; they can be used with casual outfits too.

Long ago, scarves were used in a simple style but in this modern age, all girls want to look stylish and fashionable, so various styles of wearing scarves are there but here in this article we are talking about Arabic style scarf.

Accessories on top of the hijab or head scarf can be multiply the beauty of the hijab; it can be styled with headbands, pins, laces, brooches and clips also. Mostly girls wear a scarf with their casual outfit or dress to add grace to their personality and appearance but choosing the appropriate style hijab can be a little bit tricky and it is most important to style a hijab according to your face shape.

Considering a face shape is the most important thing to decode the style of draping the scarf, for example if you have a square face shape then it is better to you that skin the edges of your mouth with cloth to make round look. If you have a long face with wide forehead, use a hijab cap or a scarf with cap to hide more part of the forehead.

Wearing scarf in Arabic style is at its peak nowadays and every girl like to adopt this fashion. The Arabian hijab style is known for its exotic look as it almost always involves a headpiece with dangling pieces.

There are so many styles; some are simple for daily wear and some are stylish for party wear. If you like turban style hijab then it is easy to tie and easy to wear.
For wearing hijab in turban style, you will need two scarves, place the one scarf on your head with equal length, take one end and flip it over your head at a slant. Take the other end and again flip it over your head.

Take the end and pull it through the layers, tie it at the back of your head and bring the end on the front side.  Place the second scarf on your head with two equal lengths; bring the loose end of the first scarf to the front. Take the one end of the second scarf and drape it over opposite shoulder and you are ready to go.

Start wearing a scarf with a cap first and then proceed with the shawl, put-on in a way that covers the cap on the head except the front edge on forehead. Fold the cloth a bit over your ear part; grab the both sides of shawl around your jaw line down to your chin and then pin them up.

Pick one end of the scarf and then wrap it moving upwards around your head from either left to right or right to left that depends on from which side you pick it.  Take a pin to secure your scarf, for formal look you can use a stylish pin or elegant brooch to look gorgeous.

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