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Various Uses Of Wearing Or Wrapping Scarf Covering Your Neck And Face

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Scarf is a simple rectangle of garment, usually used to cover the face and the head by women. Scarf is worn with religious significance out of modesty and in the cold months and winter season a scarf is used by both men and women to cover the neck, face and nose in order to protect from the cold.

A scarf provides cover to help prevent chapped lips, runny nose and numb cheeks, when you are in the snow, wrap a scarf over the nose and the mouth helps prevent frostbite and sunburn and a scarf also stops the spread of germs from airborne viruses.

Here we are talking about scarves used for the protection of cold and sunburn. A thick scarf can keep you warm in the cold weather while a lightweight linen scarf can protect your neck and face from the sun and sand when crossing the desert.

Scarf can be easily worn and wrap, if you want to learn how a scarf can be worn then read the instructions. Hold the scarf horizontally and hold both ends of the garment in both hands. Place the center of the scarf flat over your nose and mouth, pull the both ends off the scarf behind your neck and crisscross the ends and then bring the ends back to the front of your neck and again crisscross, you can tie your scarf in a loose knot if you like.

If you are a working woman and you have to go office in the colder months too then you should carry a scarf to keep you warm. But always keep in mind that your scarf should match to your outfit, see the picture and take the idea from here.

Wear white t-shirt, blue sweater and black color wool coat over your denim jeans, hang a plain leather bag on your shoulder and wrap a matching light blue and white printed scarf around your neck and cover your face and neck also with this matching printed scarf.

Scarf can also be best for the patients of asthma while going out because a lightweight scarf can also give them extra protection. It is the smart way to prevent an attack triggered by the cold air. So asthma patients should wrap or wear a scarf around the, neck, nose and mouth also, while going outside for travelling, for shopping, for work etc.

All girls are very conscious about their skin and complexion so they use a garment to cover their face in the warmer months to get rid of harmful UV rays and sunburn.

Lightweight garment scarf are the best for this purpose just see the picture, you can see three girls in the picture wearing scarf or long rubber sleeves to protect their skin from the sunburn. College/university going girls can take the idea from the picture and can save their complexion to tan.

how to cover your face with a scarf (1) how to cover your face with a scarf (2) how to cover your face with a scarf (3) how to cover your face with a scarf (4) how to cover your face with a scarf (5) how to cover your face with a scarf (6)

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