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Awesome Abaya Style 2015 For Girls


Abaya is an essential outfit for a Muslim lady because it is the religious obligation of a Muslim woman that she covers her body with chador, burqa and dupatta. These all outfits are use for same purpose but now in this modern age the trend become change girls use abaya as a fashion. There are many benefits of abaya that you can wear in any type of cloth it is the source of your protection because in abaya you look respectable and decent. Today girls are buy abaya in dark shades just like purple, dark brown, pink and green .Basically traditionally abaya is black but now trend became change .It is available in every stuff, color and style because girls want to do something new and trendy because in Muslim counties they want to hide their bodies and want a fashionable look.Abaya is very comfortable and elegant outfit of a girl. Here we have various styles to put on abaya.

Different styles of wearing abaya:

Abaya are accessible in different styles and colors .It is your personal choice that which color and style do you like. Black color is a graceful color and perfect for abaya .If you like simple abaya then you can buy simple thread work abaya in black shade but embroidery is black color and net on the border and sleeves end give a new touch. You can wear any outfit under the abaya .Black and black contrast is good but you can wear maroon scarf with you abaya.


Abaya is stitched in different ways some are bell bottom, some airline, umbrella shape and kaftans shape. If your abaya is simple then you can put on colorful scarf of silk stuff .The combination of upper part is light and bottom is dark and the scarf of same color is fabulous .If you want to make your abaya something fancy then add light embroidery on sleeves end.



Full length umbrella shape open abaya is in fashion .You can contrast in open style abaya. It is something like gown which is trendy now a day you can stitch in two ways in a gown open style and in full seal of front style. You can wear in decent shades just like brown and skin; grey and black, cream and black, beige and black colors are up to the list. All these colors are good with black shade. With this style of abaya you have no need to wear fancy dress although these abayas will give you stylish and trendy look.



As you know very well the wedding season is continue and abaya is compulsory thing giving to the bride .For bridal fully embellished abaya is best .White or golden contrast is best but you can make golden and black contrast. It, s sleeve is stitch in wide cloth and it is just like gown style. Machine work is on it but you can make abaya at your own choice to do mirror work, stones work and various fancy patches. The fancy abaya tells us the bridal is in that abaya because it suits to her new look. Because something give us new look.


The teen ages girls who are worried in the selection of abaya then they can wear simple abaya of brown, black, grey, skin and navy blue   color with light embellishment of buttons only on neckline and colorful scarf just like blue with red, brown with grey impact a good effect .If you want to look more chic and stylish then glasses are the best thing .You can wear your simple abaya with coat shoes and wedge sandal easily. The girls who want to something heavy embroidery of ribbons and elegant patches according to your taste can change your abaya look.Abaya is casually use therefore teen ages girls abaya should be simple. With plain abayas you can carry velvet scarf which is very demanding now a days.



Double shade abaya is very common among the girls it is available in every shades green and black, blue and black, pink and black etc .These abayas is stitches in two layers .Some girls use different shade on upper part and some are use on lower part .This abaya is something like shirt and its sleeve is in fitting .There is no restriction in the stuff choice you can choose any stuff just like silk, chiffon, georgette and sweaty. These are simple only lace is put on the sleeve to give you a good look but you can add lace in the bottom of the abaya. It gives you a cool look.


Kaftans style is very famous style in abayas but doesn’t mean kaftans are all in same style rather kaftans have two or three kinds. Arabic ladies who are in Saudi Arabia wear kaftans styles in their abaya .Their abayas are mostly in white and black shades. Arabian ladies like sitaras, fancy material, stone work, net   and beads. You can stitch your scarf with your abaya and this kaftans style abaya captivating our personality. Frock style abaya is common among the girls then we can’t differentiate between frock and abaya.



In the last we can say that Abaya is a religious outfit which becomes a fashion among the girl. Some girls carry it for fulfilled the requirement of their religion but some are using abayas as a fashion .Dear girls choose your favorite color and style in your abaya and hijab and stay with something stylish and unique. Stay blessed!

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