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Casual and Formal Wear Western Style Abaya for Modern Ladies


Islam insists women to cover their bodies properly with a big cloth before going out. So Muslim ladies cover them with a dress called abaya and the trend of wearing abaya starts from Arab countries and now scattered all over the world. Muslim women of western countries also like to wear abaya to cover them. Long ago, abayas were so simple and found in the black and brown color only and today modern age is full of glamour and fashion and everyone like to live with the latest trend and women also like to wear modern and stylish abaya.

So according to the demands of the clients, designers make abayas in different styles, colors and embellishments. Mostly women like to wear maxi style, umbrella shape, kaftan style, long tail, and wide bottom abayas and fish style gowns. They are available in so many colors as pink, off-white, blue, brown, black etc.

Abayas are designed in the stuff of chiffon, cotton, silk, polyester and jersey. Floor length abaya is designed in the stuff of jersey in black color and embellished with thread embroidery of different colors. The black abaya is stitched in tail style in the stuff of georgette its lower part is decorated with white color fabric and crochet lace pattern in maroon color looking good.

Navy blue color is used in making this fish style abaya that is perfect for casual wear and a student girl can wear it daily in her college/university. This kaftan style abaya is embellished with red piping and red embroidery looking nice and a girl wearing this abaya in formal party will look stylish.

Floor length maxi style abaya is designed in a different fabric with chunnats and adorned with some beads and you can carry hijab match to the color of beads and can be used casually. A fancy jacket of sequins stuff is there with this kaftan style abaya and this can be worn in formal functions because of the fancy look.

Abayas are designed in other colors too as this abaya is designed in red color in kaftan style and a readymade neck line full of stones is placed on this to make it beautiful and as kaftan style is stitched in very loose fitting so a waist belt can be used for fitting and you can also wrap a fancy belt to make it more beautiful and you can carry this in all kinds of parties and functions.

Other is in yellow color stitched in kaftan style with high-neck and designed in the stuff of chiffon and zari work of stones, pearls and different things is done on the waist line. V shape neck line and edges of the long sleeves looking so beautiful and unique because of the color.
Women also like to wear white color in abayas as this kaftan style abaya is designed in chiffon and adorned with zari work that is done on neckline and sleeves. A lace is placed on the neck line and borders of sleeves of this black abaya that is stitched in the stuff of jersey. Light grey gown is designed simply in the stuff of silk chiffon.

Abayas and gowns are also designed in two layers as these are shown in the pictures one is simple black abaya in maxi style and an open gown in light pink color is there with this simple abaya and upper gown has increased the grace of the lower simple abaya and other is stitched in umbrella shape with under lay of jamawar and there is a waist belt made with the fabric of under lay.

Jamawar is a fancy stuff so it made the abaya a little fancy so it can be worn formally.
In this article we have shown you the pictures of western style abayas and gown in different styles and colors with description so now you can choose a perfect abaya for casual and formal wear.

western-style-abaya-and-gown-for-modern-ladies-1 western-style-abaya-and-gown-for-modern-ladies-2 western-style-abaya-and-gown-for-modern-ladies-3 western-style-abaya-and-gown-for-modern-ladies-4

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