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Latest and Modern Design Spring Summer Abayas 2016-17

4. Spring Summer Abaya 2016-2017

Well there was a time when abayas were abayas not a layering to depict something about fashion but now with complexity in every sphere of life has changed all priorities. This era has modified the sense of abayas; a way to describe the worth of personal style through abayas is all right these days. Today I have chance to show the modern style abayas that are latest and styled modishly.

Now girls are well aware about every trend but even though everyone needs to update their style statement, and regarding this point, our aim is to make the all styles prominent that are not only trendy but wondrously stylish.

Where there is abaya, there is Hijab so how a lady can forget to not have the Hijab style according to her personality. Multiple styles abayas has made it easier to just have the right personal style and rock it anyway. Don’t worry because I have managed this; just keep on reading the post for further views and details.
Spring summer season delight the wardrobe vibrantly and pleasantly giving the fresh prints and color schemes, the abaya girls also want some defined fashion tips regarding the season.
•    So first make it sure you are avoiding the all coziness and going with ultimate sheerness for spring summer.
•    The next thing is the color code; all vibrant, pastels and even dark colors are for refreshing season.
•     There must be the perfection given to abaya, the readymade abayas are super cool but make your choice more personal and unique by stitching it from professional tailor.
So let’s take a start to revamp the styles of Muslimahs by presenting here the chicest and modern design abayas.

The classiness in summer abaya:

1. Spring Summer Abaya 2016-2017

There must be classiness in your abaya because the ladies have to maintain the level of sophistication showed from their apparel. This light color abaya with little embellishments is making the style of girls really cool but with adding the big size sunglasses, there comes a wave of trendy hues.

Black is not old:

2. Spring Summer Abaya 2016-2017

Yes, black is not old but ever green abaya all the time, the condition is that you have picked up in most stylish way. This full Flowy black sheer abaya has subtle and wondrous silhouettes, the advantage is that you can style it without Hijab in any festivity by just pairing the modern accessories.

Camel brown fashion abaya:

3. Spring Summer Abaya 2016-2017

the all camel brown abaya is giving you idea to rejoice the style in spring. Although the colorful scarf is cool but all camel brown would be your unique style statement. Match the high heel shoes or even sandals if you do not comfy of heeled footwear.

Floral inspired abaya choice:

4. Spring Summer Abaya 2016-2017

Well spring and summer is the other name of floral season because most of the draping is styled in this pattern. Well abaya also looks pleasant handling the floral designing. Simply the white abaya with fashion hand clutch is creating the oozing factors.

Kimono abaya style in stripes:

5. Spring Summer Abaya 2016-2017

The latest styling point in abaya fashion is the kimono abaya styles that most of the Hijab girls and Muslimahs are having, so I have stated this design abaya here which is in stripped pattern and wondrous to pair with chiffon Hijab.

Double layered abaya for mod girls:

6.Spring Summer Abaya 2016-2017

The belted layered abaya in plaid and simple style is really gorgeous for Muslim fashionistas; this style Hijab abaya is also very trendy for street style fashion. Just pick up the stylish hues and make your appearance exquisite.

Pleated Pastel color abaya: 7. Spring Summer Abaya 2016-2017

Pleats on bust area in abaya are the latest and trendy style a girl can opt for. The pastel color code is gorgeously fit to carry in spring days.

Butterfly abaya fashion:

8. Spring Summer Abaya 2016-2017

The ash blue butterfly abaya is for young or university girls who have to maintain their appearance when going out and have social interactions. Wear trendy shoes and wrap the simple but classy style Hijab with this abaya to have great effects in spring.

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