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Most Trendy Abayas With Lace Designing

new most trendy abaya designs with lace (12)

Not only for the religious purpose but now women are wearing abaya as fashion trend. The new styles and designs have attracted the females and they are following the trend with full enthusiasm. With the introduction of every new style women desire to have the new style and design of abaya in their wardrobe. In winter velvet abayas are on their peak.

In fact silk, georgette and chiffon fabricated abayas are the demand of every other woman and they like to wear different styles in abayas as Kaftan style, gown style, umbrella and maxi style abayas make them look classy and sophisticated. Apart from stuff the designing also, matter a lot. Self printed abayas seems to be very comfy but laced embellished abayas look very pretty and nice-looking. Abayas with lace look magnificent and eye-catching. Some designs of abayas embellished with lace are here for you.

Laced fabricated abaya in ferozi color:

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Don this laced fabricated abaya and have spectacular look. If you need to attend a formal ceremony where you have to wear abaya for most of the time, you can opt for this abaya with its nice-looking color and amazing look. The color will exude a very soothing effect and the lace fabric is giving the abaya of somewhat regal look. The Hijab in pashmina fabric is looking perfect pair with the abaya and you will have style-statement look wearing this well-design abaya. With this abaya go for silver or ferozi color metallic shoes or wear pumps with high heel to add glamour to your demeanor.

Simple but stylish black color abaya with lace:

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Black color abaya is very old tradition in Muslim country and no doubt it looks very simple yet elegant. Girls and women who do not want o wear embellished abaya with beads or buttons or if a woman do not like to wear shiny and vivid colors she can opt for this dark black color for abaya. The color is not very attractive but whoever will look at you must be inspired by your classy choice of wearing simple abaya with lace on sleeves and boarder. The sleeves are in boot cut style and wearing black Hijab and black shoes you will look an embodiment of decency.

Navy blue color abaya décor with lace:

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Silk fabricated abaya gives its own charm and in this navy blue color the abaya is looking outstanding. The bodice is embellished with lace while the gown style is making it further glorious and fabulous. Dark blue color lace on bodice and floor length abaya is looking regal and royal. For an expensive place this abaya will give you fabulous look and you can o to any sophisticated place wearing this amazing abaya.

Abaya in skirt style:

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This skirt style abaya will amuse any fashionista or stylish women to buy it and women love to wear it for having classy and modish look. With the fitted skirt that is made of lace in white color, the white color shirt is looking very nice. Golden color contrast with white color abaya is looking wonderful. With a messenger bag in hand and wearing nude color pumps you will have a very confident look.

Black open front abaya with aqua color contrast:

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Black open front abaya with aqua color will give you very captivating look. The sleeves and neckline is made beautifully with net lace and a large size stone. The stroller in black color with sky blue patch is looking complementary with the abaya. This fancy abaya will keep you confident and will give you classy and edgy look.

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