Abaya and hijab New Design Collections

New Trendy Designs for Ladies in Dubai Style Abaya


Amazing abaya designs for women 2016

Abaya is considered as Muslim women wearing that is worn out over the dress to cover out whole body from shoulders to ankles from sight of men. Abaya is usually taken with hijab and naqab. It’s now currently in fashion as it’s the most foremost fashion topic in the ladies of world and even international designers are focused to design abaya in different styles. The main shade of abaya is black even though other shades look good but traditional color of abaya refers to only black color as well. Now there are unique and attractive fashion sequences in abaya styles that are likely to be carried by ladies all over the world.

Our currently drafted presentation is allied with display of innovative fashion abaya collection in dubai style which might be in traditional black color but falls in various and fascinating designs that are ne in fashion world and also quite assembled in nature. These chic designs are probably hot in fashion world and for such reason we have brought it at your sight as well. Just seek through our drafted presentation and get ready to be amazed.

Pure black dubai style abaya:


Fish abaya style:


Loose abaya dubai style:


Different style abaya:



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