Abaya and hijab New Design Collections

Stylish Coat Style Abaya Designs for Girls’ Signature Style

3. beautiful color coat style abaya design

When it comes to talk about abayas the modesty and sophistication of ladies arrive to our mind as it is the most famous Islamic attire now vigorously worn in all over the country because of its religious value. Auspicious styles have been invented in this outfit too now it’s not the limitation to wear only the black draping of abayas but expended at wider sense different designs and multiple colors are being used to make this Islamic attire as it is stated in the religion Islam to cover up the bodice of ladies while going out it is right attitude of any Muslimah.
I am offering you the abayas with coat style that has good appearance while wearing it with scarf or hijab. A lot of designs or styles are there that can be in caftan, full flair, buttoned up, lace, pleated, Moroccan or many other to amaze the fashion. Yes now fashionable attiring have been introduced in abayas too because the modern world has changed all the life style following contemporary trends.
From its functional point of view you are aware of the better use of abaya but coat style abaya is specified for the Turkish ladies who always love to wear it following trendy modes. Coat abayas are in different styles that are buttoned up, collar, double collar, open front or close and many more. Let’s look at the collection I have assorted for you.

1.    Black buttoned up coat abaya for Muslim ladies


1. amazing coat style abaya design

2.    Silk fabric used to make this pocket coat abaya with black buttons

2. awesome coat style abaya design

3.    Maroon stylish collar style button up coat abaya

3. beautiful color coat style abaya design

4.    Floor length lavish simple black abaya with hijab

4. black color coat style abaya design

5.    Pleated coat brown abaya design with cuff sleeves

5. brown color coat style abaya design

6.    Pleated coat abaya for Turkish ladies

6. Fabulous coat style abaya design

7.    Designer coat style abaya paired with hijab

7. light blue coat style abaya design
8.    Double buttoned up and belted purple stylish abaya

8. silver color coat style abaya design

9.    Your style statement with this dark red coat abaya

9. simple coat style abaya design

10.    Cozy abaya in coat style for winter

10. stylish coat style abaya design

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