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The Most Trendy Abaya Style With Hijab in Western Countries


Hijab is a part of tradition in Muslim countries but now mostly girls are following this trend as fashion. In western countries women do Hijab to look modest and civilized. There are also some women who wear Hijab for they feel themselves cover and protected. There are many design and styles introduced in abayas but whatever the design is everyone wishes to choose such in which the purpose of Hijab must be fulfilled.

Girls like abayas which are according the fashion and trend and in which they look modern and sophisticated. In west the trendiest abayas for bridals are gaining very much popularity. Here are some different styles of abayas and hijab shown that are now in demand.

Abayas in chiffon and silk fabric;


Abayas inn chiffon fabric looks very delicate and fragile and gives very innocent look to its possessor. The lower part is of chiffon while the bodice is of lace fabric that adds charm to the whole abaya. The Hijab is also in chiffon fabric that is drab over the head of the bridal. Stone work is done on the neck and cuffs of the sleeves. The off-white and pink shade color both are making very nice combination and the bridal in this abaya is looking very pretty and adorable.

Western style abaya in maroon color;


This western style abaya is looking very stunning as the machine embroidery is done on the whole abaya and the addition of chiffon fabric layers on the waist is making the abaya look gorgeous and attractive. Golden color machine work on maroon is enhancing the beauty of the abaya. Then a very light work done on the Hijab is giving full complement to the abaya.

Abayas in laced fabric with tiara;


The whole abaya in laced fabric is looking very awesome and beautiful. The white color is the color that is associated with peace and bridals in white abayas would look very pious and virtuous. Tiara on the head that is drabbed with net laced hijab is giving the bridal queen like look. The abaya is in gown style and a large piece of chiffon fabric is left behind that is giving a regal look to its owner.

Abaya in overcoat style;


Overcoat is very trendy in the present time and it is an opportunity for bridals to have the same style in abayas. Firstly the golden machine work is making abaya look remarkably beautiful and then the addition of chiffon fabric in overcoat style is making the abaya look commendable. It is also a floor length abaya and the waist line is detailed with studs that are giving a very appealing look to the whole abaya. The overcoat style is completed with a bow at the center and the hijab upon it in loose form is making the whole demeanor of the bridal cute and full of elegance.

Abayas in cape style;


Girls love to wear dresses in cape style because thus style gives them very feminine look so the cape style in abayas would attract them a lot. Machine work and stone work is done on the cape white the remaining part of abaya is in net laced fabric. A large piece of chiffon fabric is draping over her head.

Jacket style abayas;


Different trends in abayas will force you to have more than one piece in your possession. Jacket style abaya is also looking very modish and the long chiffon fabric draped over the head is making the abaya a statement looking thing to wear. The neckline detailed with studs and silver sash at the waist is giving the abaya a very girlish look.

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